Honorary Patronage
The aim of the present project is to stimulate research into the reception of Classical Antiquity in children's literature and to create a forum for interdisciplinary studies leading to valid comparisons of regional and cultural contexts and models of such reception. Through combined efforts of scholars from Central-Eastern European countries and from what used to be traditionally termed Western democracies, a more complete picture should emerge showing how this reception has been reflecting social, political, and cultural transformations occurring during the 20th century & beyond. 

While research remains the core of the project, we would also like to promote Education/Popularization via art, involving in the project talented students and the public outside the University. At the end of the project we are scheduling final debates with participation of all members of our network (May 23-26, 2013). At the conclusion of the debates, we are arranging a discussion panel with participation by the youngest readers, their parents & teachers, editors & publishers of children's literature, translators, and media representatives; thus the milieus until then absent from the scholarly exchange will have an opportunity to speak. Our aim is to stimulate further Reception Studies and to contribute to a greater integration between scholars and the other recipients of culture. We feel privileged that the Spouse of the President of the Republic of Poland Anna Komorowska agreed to assume an honorary patronage of the final debates.

The project is being implemented at the Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition (OBTA), a department of the Faculty of "Artes Liberales", created at the initiative of Prof. Jerzy Axer at the University of Warsaw, with the mission to study the reception of Antiquity, encouraging the development of young academics and offering a meeting place for scholars from different regions of the world.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Harvard University Loeb Classical Library Foundation and the "Artes Liberales" Institute Foundation.

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